Don’t worry, it has a happy ending!

In January of this year, our newest delivery vehicle was stolen before we ever had the chance to deliver a single container with it. The truck represented a significant financial investment into the growth and future of STORsquare Atlanta. It also represented an employment opportunity for a full-time delivery driver and continued employment ad success for our small but mighty support staff. Losing the truck was heartbreaking for our team as it was only our 3rd delivery vehicle. Losing 33% of our fleet hurt our ability to deliver and relocate containers with short notice and made scheduling maintenance on our remaining trucks quite difficult without impacting our customers.  

The last photo taken of the newest truck prior to it being stole.

Of course, insurance would allow us to financially replace the truck, but manufacturing lead times meant we would be a truck short for most of the year. Our team also felt invaded and violated to a small degree; someone stole something significant from us. Both sadly and a bit funny, the truck is custom built for our storage containers and would be useless for any other application. Whoever was planning to use the truck would be sorely disappointed if they tried to use it.

It was Found.

We assumed it was gone forever, but our friends at Gwinnett Police found the vehicle this April. The truck was trashed with thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, but it was in one piece and could be repaired and returned to service. The repairs took several week’s but were completed late this week. As of today, our truck is finally home!

Decal Design for the newest truck – We can finally get it looking good!

Back in Service.

We look forward to getting the vehicle back in service soon, which will immediately improve our delivery availability and lead times! It has been a tough couple of month’s. We were waiting on new containers which were delayed in shipment and missing our latest truck. We have tried to provide the best customer service we possible can while being limited with containers and trucks this spring. STORsquare appreciates each and every customer and worked hard to make these bottlenecks invisible to our clients. That being said, we are still excited to have both more storage units and more options to deliver them moving forward.

We would love to schedule a container delivery for you for your upcoming home goods move, renovation project, or seasonal storage needs! Give us a call at 844-888-STOR to learn more. Perhaps, the newest truck in the STORsquare delivery fleet will be the truck to deliver your portable storage container.