Seeing storage containers traveling around Dahlonega or parked at driveways is becoming a more common occurrence. You’ve probably seen the before but never gave it a thought until the time came when you are in need of extra storage. If you’re new to the world of portable storage units and want to know if they an be a solution for you, you’ve come to the right place!

Reasons to Rent a Mobile Storage Container

  • It’s just easy!
With normal storage facilities the process is way more complicated. You’d have to pack by a certain date, rent a truck, load your things to the truck, drive to the storage facility, unload the truck and place everything inside the unit. With mobile storage, the container parks in your driveway, you can pack directly in it at your own pace and… that’s it! Your belongings stay right there where you need them. Or if you don’t want to keep at your place, we drive the container to our closest facility and… that’s it! Again, no need to unload or anything else. Everything stays exactly how and where you packed it.
  • There’s no loading ramp involved
You can load your STORsquare portable storage container right at ground level. Forget about lifting items to get them up and down.
  • Everything at your doorstep
When you are ready we will deliver the unit right at your doorstep and we’ll keep it there for as long as you need it. If you need to move it to a new location, we’ll take it and deliver right to your new doorstep.
  • You can take your time
Since the container will be right outside your door, you can take all the time you need to properly organize, pack and inventorize your items. No need to get everything done by a certain date. No need to rush. storage containers Dahlonega

What to Know Before Renting Storage Containers in Dahlonega

Before signing a lease, take these factors into consideration: There are many different reasons to rent a storage unit, and depending on your reason and your specific needs is the size or amount of containers you’ll want to lease. When deciding which company to go with, make sure they can provide the exact size you need to cover all your wants and needs. Another important factor is the quality of the container itself. Look for a sturdy container. A lot of companies can claim their units are wheater resistant, but at STORsquare we can also guarantee ours to survive a fire. Once you have your unit parked in your driveway, make sure you use quality materials for packing. Look for the best boxes, tape and padding you can find. At STORsquare we have packing blankets, dollies and locks available for your use. One of the many advantages of mobile storage containers is that you don’t have to rush, so take your time packing so no item is damaged in the process. If you are storing many objects across different categories (furniture, clothing, equipment, etc,.) it’s a good idea to keep an inventory. That way you can go in and find whatever item you need everytime you need something. This also helps you keep things organized and when your done with a particular item, you’ll know where exactly to put it back.

Comparing Mobile Storage Companies in Dahlonega

We Offer You More Than PODS®

More Affordable We have guaranteed best pricing for moves within a 50-mile radius of the city of Knoxville.
More Local STORsquare is a locally owned business, creating a more consistent customer service experience.
More Sizes 8’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ containers, we offer more sizes than PODS®.
More Secure We have storage options at our facility for your valuable possessions that need extra protection and monitoring.
More Flexibility We cater to all your needs, with after-hours delivery and price breaks for multiple pickups and delivery. And no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.
More Care Our unique no-tilt lift system keeps containers flat, so materials stay free from damage and disarray. You won’t find this featured offered everywhere else.

What to Use a Storage Container for

Moving Probably the number one use for storage containers in Dahlonega. Portable units are specially convenient in cases where you need to wait a couple of months for your new lease to start, or maybe you had to leave your place before you could secure a new home and you need a little extra time to look for the perfect house. Maybe you just don’t want to rush the already hectic process of moving? A portable container can certainly help you with that. Downsizing It comes a time when downsizing can simply make sense for your finances or lifestyle. This type of move can be more emotionally charged so you’ll want all the help you can get to make things easier for you, and the flexibility of mobile storage is perfect for that. Event planning Equipment, supplies, merchandise… events need a lot of space to properly happen. Portable units are ideal for this since they can be place right where you need them for however long you need them for your event to run smoothly. Construction jobsite Avoid unexpected expenses on construction jobsites. Our portable storage containers come with a latch system that locks out moisture, pests and thieves to keep expensive equipment and tools safe. Remodeling Anyone who has gone through renovations will tell you how stressful it can be. It is such a hassle to take items to and from storage everytime you start a new room. It’s even worst if you have to store common use items. Keep your container storage right at your doorstep and forget about that extra stress.

What Not to Store in Shipping Containers

Some items are not allowed to be storage in portable containers because they could either be dangerous or messy. And even though containers are extremely durable and safe, your family’s most precious items should go in a safe instead. While your contract will list all the details, the main things we prohibit include:
  • Flammable or combustible items
  • Lawn mowers and motorbikes
  • Living things (plants or animals)
  • Food
  • Irreplaceable personal items

Everything you need to know about storage containers in Dahlonega

We hope you’ll find these handy guide useful. No matter the reasons or your specific needs, you can be sure that our local service teams will work with you throughout your move. No rescheduling fees – we stay flexible because we know things change at the last minute. Give us a call today!