Tornado preparedness is especially crucial for enterprises in the South, where tornadoes strike more frequently and with increased fatality rates, according to USA Today.and

This tornado preparedness guide will help you be ready for future storms and understand what to do if one strikes your region, whether you work for the federal, county, or local government, a business, or a repair firm.and

How to Prepare for Tornadoes

Adopting a tornado preparation strategy for your company and putting together an easily available tornado preparedness kit are the best ways to get ready for future tornadoes. and

Your tornado emergency protocol should be constantly updated, and managers and staff should be trained on it. and

Take the following actions as you develop a tornado preparation strategy for your particular organization:

  1. Determine hiding spots.
  2. Regularly test your alert systems.
  3. Regular tornado exercises are used to instruct management and employees.
  4. Create a tornado alarm system to inform employees, particularly those with impairments or non-English speaking staff.
  5. Enroll in the Emergency Alert System and NOAA Weather Radio, and get acquainted with any sirens that may be present in your town.

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How Having STORsquare Portable Storage Container Can Help You Prepare for Tornadoes

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Container Delivery on-Site

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Prepare emergency tools and supplies

In preparation of severe weather events, you can keep emergency supplies and disaster recovery gear stowed in a portable container. 

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Safe Worksite Storage

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