The Problem With A Local Move

Whether you’re having a local move down the street or across the country, packing and moving all of your belongings can be difficult. You’ll still have to figure out where everything is going to go in boxes. What about your furnishings? Are you leaving anything behind? and how you’re going to securely move everything from Destination To destination.

Moving often feels rushed . From packing to loading and everything in between, it may feel like you’re racing against the clock. I need to get the truck back to the store in the next hour  or they’ll charge me a service charge!

The Solution: STORsquare

With STORsquare portable moving and storage containers, you can alleviate the stress and calm the single-day frenzy that comes with moving houses all at once. 

Instead, you can pack and store everything in your container over time. You won’t feel rushed to move yourself, hire a moving company, or even plan a moving day. What does this mean? Outside factors will not derail your plans. For example, if your home’s closing date changes, you haven’t finished packing, or you simply want to spend a few more days in town, you’re not bound by a strict schedule. 

You can simply keep your container on your property and move things in and out at your leisure!

Whether you need to move and store a large home or a two-room apartment, our customer service agents will walk you through selecting the perfectly sized portable residential storage containers. They’ll also help you determine the date and time you need them dropped off, picked up and delivered to your new home.

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