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Mobile Storage Containers 
for Residential Moving

Preparing for a local move in the Canton area? STORSquare has the perfect mobile storage solution for you. Our portable containers take the stress out of storing and moving your belongings. We rent our containers by the month, which allows you to take your time while loading and unloading. And unlike a traditional truck, we do all the driving. You can trust that your possessions will stay secure during your move with our No-Tilt lift technology. Let us take care of the storing and driving through Atlanta’s traffic, so you can focus on the important parts of moving, like adjusting your life and getting familiar with a new area.

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Why Choose STORsquare?

Whether you’re gearing up for a local move in the Canton area, or looking to store items long-term, STORsquare’s portable storage containers are the perfect solution for you. And they come in multiple sizes for your move.

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Choose The Right Size For Your Canton Move

Four Options to Fit Your Portable Moving Container Needs

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for


portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

2 Rooms

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

3-4 Rooms

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

4-5 Rooms

the 8' square

portable storage containers atlanta ga

the 12' square

pod rental atlanta

the 16' square

portable storage atlanta

the 20' square

Onsite and Off-Site
Portable Storage Containers

Whether you want to store your belongings onsite or off-site in the Canton area, STORsquare gives you options. You can keep your portable container off-site at our location in Knoxville. Or you can rent a storage container for a short-term solution at your house or business.

STORsquare also gives you the widest range of portable container size options in the Knoxville area—our 20-foot container is 25% larger than 1-800Packrat’s largest container. With a huge variety of solutions, we can help meet all your storage needs. Portable storage containers in Canton has never been easier or more affordable.

Storage for Antique or Sensitive Items

Keep your leather furniture, antique wood, important documents, or electronics safe and protected from harmful elements. We offer the best-in-class containers. Our containers are built using high-grade steel and are durable and safe. Unlike some of our competitors, our containers were made to be outdoors. Rest assured your most sensitive possessions are secure with STORsquare.


Moving in Canton?

We don’t just provide you with cost-effective storage solutions. With STORsquare, you get the whole nine yards to meet your packing needs— boxes, tape, dollies and blankets delivered with your SQUARE. We also work around your schedule by finding the delivery and pick up days and times that work best for you. Ease any storing and moving worries by lessening as many hassles as possible. Start with a free quote and finalize your booking with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service agent. 

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Schools in Canton, GA

With 25 elementary schools, seven middle schools, six high schools and a wide variety of adults and child-friendly activities and events, Canton is ideal for all ages. You can: 

  • Soak in the arts with a night out at the Historic Canton Theatre 
  • Explore nine city parks with playgrounds, sports areas and miles of trails 
  • Spend your afternoons in downtown Canton shopping and dining 
  • Discover local Cherokee heritages and other Canton history  


More About Canton, GA

Snuggled between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Canton offers everything from exciting night life to family friendly activities for its 28,000 citizens. Beautiful nearby foothills from the Etowah River are perfect to bike, hike and picnic at. Pick out fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers at the Canton farmers market. Enjoy “First Fridays” in downtown Canton—where stores stay open late, live music plays and every kind of food is available. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Canton, GA?

Canton is a bit more of an expensive place to live. The median home cost in Canton is $486,500, which $38,800 more (an 8.0% increase) than the median cost to live in Dunwoody, a city three miles away.

Canton also costs more than the median home cost to live in Georgia, which is $186,500 and the median home cost to live in the United States, which is $231,200.

Weather In Canton

If you dislike cold, snow and ice, you’ll feel right at home in Canton. Summers here are hot and muggy, with the average temperature in July raising up to 89 and the low being around 72. While it gets a few inches of rain every spring, it almost never snows.

Employment in Canton

Almost 92% of people who live in Canton work in white-collar jobs, primarily professionals, managers, and sales and office workers. In fact, more people in Canton work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the United States. </p><p>If you’re a manager, sales or office worker or other white-color professional, you’ll feel right at home in Canton, with 88% of the workforce holding white-collar jobs, far more the national average. About 14% have an entrepreneurial streak and own their own business. Canton is a fantastic place to live, work, raise a family, and be entertained. If you’re planning on making a local move to Canton or need to store your belongings long-term, call us today to find out more at 1-844-888-STOR or request a free quote.

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