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Mobile moving containers

Use our mobile storage containers for local construction sites.

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Onsite portable storage pods

Rent a storage container as a temporary solution and keep it at your desired location.

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Off-site movable storage

Choose to store the portable storage pod off-site at our safe and secure location until you need it again.

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Business mobile storage

Choose from one of our weather proof, steel-framed mobile containers to fit your project budget.

Mobile Storage Containers 
for Construction Jobs in Atlanta

At some point during your construction project, business operations, you’ll likely find a need for a portable storage container. Construction is one of the top industries that rely on storage space throughout the year to operate efficiently. You need a place to safely keep your clients inventory during renovations or you’ll likely need a space to store your tools when you’re off the clock. Portable storage gives you the benefit of having everything you need right on hand while being able to safely tuck it away when the day is over. 

Why Choose STORsquare, Atlanta?

When your construction project is gearing up, STORsquare’s portable storage containers are the perfect solution for you. And they come in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

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Choose The Right Size For Your Atlanta Construction Project

Four Options to Fit Your Portable Moving Container Needs

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Ideal for


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Ideal for

2 Rooms

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Ideal for

3-4 Rooms

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Ideal for

4-5 Rooms

the 8' square

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the 12' square

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the 16' square

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the 20' square

Onsite & Off-Site
Portable Storage Containers in Atlanta, GA

Whether you want to store your tools or customer belongings onsite or off-site in the Atlanta area, STORsquare gives you options. You can keep your portable container off-site at our location in Marietta. Or you can rent a storage container and keep it at your site.

STORsquare also gives you the widest range of portable container size options in the Atlanta area—our 20-foot container is 25% larger than 1-800Packrat’s largest container. With a huge variety of solutions, we can help meet all your storage needs. 

The difference between STORsquare and other portable storage container companies

Your local portable storage container leader. None of our competition offers our breadth of services and sizes. Our local service teamswork with you throughout the move. No rescheduling fees – we stay flexible because we know things change at the last minute.


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Portable Storage for Sensitive Items

Keep your customer’s sensitive items like leather furniture, wood, important documents, or electronics safe and protected from harmful elements. We offer the best-in-class containers. Our containers are built using high-grade steel and are durable and safe. Unlike some of our competitors, our containers were made to be outdoors. Rest assured your most sensitive inventory is secure with STORsquare.

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