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Have enough Inventory

43% of consumers are likely to start their holiday shopping before October ends.


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Display seasonal decor

Studies show that shoppers are likely to spend more money in a store that has seasonal decor at Christmas time.

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The option to offer layaway

Offering layaway options to your customers can be a great way to draw in customers and sales during the holiday season.

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Store seasonal decor

Rather than needing to buy new holiday decor each year, safely store it and use it year after year.

Mobile Storage Containers 
for Retailers Inventory in Atlanta

At some point during business operations, retail businesses will likely find a need for a portable storage container. Retail is one of the top industries that rely on storage space throughout the year to operate efficiently. Businesses need to keep inventory stocked at all times – for instance, items that are seasonal or in high demand. At the same time, many retail businesses do not have the storage space internally to keep the stockpile they need. According to the National Retail Federation, storage containers “enable retailers to keep up with customer demand and manage a variety of inventory types”. Many businesses simply need storage containers to stay in business. Here are a few ways portable storage can help transform your retail store this holiday season.

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Why Choose STORsquare, Atlanta?

When your retail store is gearing up for this holiday season or you are looking to store items year-round, STORsquare’s portable storage containers are the perfect solution for you. And they come in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

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Choose The Right Size For Your Atlanta Retail Store

Four Options to Fit Your Portable Moving Container Needs

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Ideal for


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Ideal for

2 Rooms

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Ideal for

3-4 Rooms

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Ideal for

4-5 Rooms

the 8' square

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the 12' square

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the 16' square

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the 20' square

Onsite & Off-Site
Portable Storage Containers in Atlanta, GA

Whether you want to store your inventory onsite or off-site in the Atlanta area, STORsquare gives you options. You can keep your portable container off-site at our location in Marietta. Or you can rent a storage container and keep it at your business.

STORsquare also gives you the widest range of portable container size options in the Atlanta area—our 20-foot container is 25% larger than 1-800Packrat’s largest container. With a huge variety of solutions, we can help meet all your storage needs. 

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Portable Storage for Sensitive Inventory

Keep things like leather furniture, wood, important documents, or electronics safe and protected from harmful elements. We offer the best-in-class containers. Our containers are built using high-grade steel and are durable and safe. Unlike some of our competitors, our containers were made to be outdoors. Rest assured your most sensitive inventory is secure with STORsquare.

Make room for seasonal displays

Studies show that shoppers are likely to spend more money in a store that has seasonal decor at Christmas time. (talk about holiday cheer!) As a retail store owner, the only downfall to an over-the-top display to draw in customers and sales is where to keep those decorations when is isn’t Christmas time and where to keep your general disobeys while the Christmas decor is on the floor. The extra space from one of our portable storage containers gives you somewhere to neatly keep the day-to-day decor and store merchandise while you transform your store for the holidays without destroying your organized stockroom. However you choose to use a container, our container rentals can be perfect for the short term holiday rush or a year round solution. 


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Build up inventory

In the average American household, November and December are known for two things: holiday cheer and lots of shopping. In the retail world, September, October, November, and December are knows for two things: A huge spike in sales and a ton of inventory. It is no secret that retail stores have the hard task of finding the balance between having enough inventory and enough storage year round but especially in the last 4 months of the year. STORsquare’s on-site storage provides a unique solution. Not only will you benefit from the much-needed additional storage space, but you will be able to keep the extra stock safe and organized with the bonus convenience of everything being right on hand. 

Store displays in the off season

Rather than needing to buy new holiday decor each year, your store can save money by keeping what you have to use it year after year. In theory this sounds great, but again, the problem retailers run into is space. While inflatable jack-o-lanterns, Snowmen, and Santa Clauses are appealing to the customer, the are sure to bulk up your storage. To keep your seasonal displays organized and out of the way, investing in additional storage space is essential. 

There are self storage options that could be a great fit for some, but a lot of our retail clients chose portable storage because the like the convenience of keeping stock and displays in secure place and on-site for easy access. If you don’t want the container onsite but also do not want to deal with the hassle of loading a truck, taking the truck to a self-storage facility, unloading the truck, and then repeating this process any time you need your seasonal contents, STORsquare can relocate your packed container to our off-site facility. This ensures all of your holiday decorations will be safely stored and we will deliver the container when you need them. 


The option to offer layaway 

Offering layaway options to your customers can be a great way to draw in customers and sales during the holiday season. The problem retailers run into is where to keep all of that claimed inventory that’s waiting to be paid off? Not to mention the items purchased using layaway often tend to be large pieces of merchandise that are likely to take up a lot of space. STORsquare’s portable storage containers are a great place for this additional merchandise.

Our mule delivery system allows us to put our containers where others in our industry can’t. We are proud to say we are the only ones in our area to offer a delivery system as versatile and accommodating as ours. We like to say “if it fits, it sits”, meaning we can essentially deliver the container anywhere it fits. This is really convenient if you are looking for a very specific placement for the container to be used as a display and storage. One of our containers takes up the none of our local competitors offer it. athe container can be parked right outside of your store, keeping those layaway pieces secure, organized, and easy to access.

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