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Relieve moving pressure with portable storage containers

With STORsquare, you can free yourself up to meet your neighbors, try out a local restaurant for lunch or take your kids to their new favorite park.

When you’re preparing for your move to Woodstock, your experience should be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With STORsquare’s portable containers available to be rented by the month, you don’t have to worry about where or how long you need your possessions stored.

In addition, you shouldn’t have the stress of driving through traffic in a big moving truck loaded with your belongings. Let professional drivers who navigate Atlanta traffic every day do the driving for you. With our No-Tilt lift technology, you can rest assured your valuables will be safely secured through the entire loading, transporting and unloading process.

Why Choose STORSquare?

If you need temporary storage to give a place where your belongings are safely secured until you’re ready to move them in your new house—or if you’re looking for long-term storage—STORsquare lets you do both. With multiple sizes to choose from, you get exactly the amount of storage space you need.

Call us today to find out more at 1-844-888-STOR.

Choose your perfect portable container size

Compare four size options for your Woodstock move

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for


portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

2 Rooms

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

3-4 Rooms

portable storage atlanta

Ideal for

4-5 Rooms

the 8′ square

portable storage containers atlanta ga

the 12′ square

pod rental atlanta

the 16′ square

portable storage atlanta

the 20′ square

Store your belongings at your home or in our facility

Every person has different needs and your storage solution should be tailored to you. With STORsquare, you get to choose from onsite or off-site storage options. If you want to keep your moving container at your home or business for a shorter-term solution, or if you’d rather store your belongings at our facility for long-term needs, you get to take your pick. What’s more, our 20-foot container is 25% larger than 1-800Packrat’s largest container—so you have the space you need.

Our storage facility, located in Kennesaw, is just a little less than 10 miles from Woodstock. When you’re in the area, take a couple hours out and enjoy your time. We’re close to top restaurants like the Taj Mahal Grill and The Rotisserie Shop. You can also take a relaxing walk in the Red Top Mountain State Park on one of many trails.

Keep sensitive belongings safe

Keep your favorite belongings safe from the elements and thievery. Protect your leather couch, antique wooden picture frames, laptops and important papers like your birth certificate when you store them in our secure warehouse.

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Moving in (or to) Woodstock?

As you transport boxes from your old home to your new home, you should get to move on your own time. With STORsquare, you get to create your own moving schedule by choosing the best pick-up and delivery times that works for you. Not to mention it’s much more cost-effective than renting a moving truck.

What’s more, don’t bother yourself with details like making sure you have enough blankets, straps and dollies to keep your boxes safe and sound. We supply everything you need in moving your belongings.

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More about Woodstock

In 1879, the little village of Woodstock began to flourish. With a railroad as a lifeline providing supplies and settlers, it became a prosperous city. Today, you can enjoy a vibrant downtown with hundreds of small businesses. From Brenda’s House of Flowers to Canyon’s Fresh Grill to Ember’s Hot Yoga, the options are endless. Cheer on your favorite racecar at the Speedway or ski on the Little River Marina.

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For your next adventure, there’s no need to travel far away:

  • Go scuba-diving with Dive Georgia, a full-service Scuba Dive and Snorkel Shop with Open Water Dive Quarry
  • Take your kids on Woodstock’s annual scavenger hunt every summer
  • Vote for your favorite scarecrow when downtown Woodstock gets invaded with 175 scarecrows every October.
  • Soak in music and have a blast during our summer concert series

Cost of living in Woodstock

The median home cost to live in Woodstock is $259,000, about $73,000 higher than the cost of living in Georgia overall (which is $186,500). It’s also 8.3% higher than the U.S. average. 

Top neighborhoods in Woodstock

Friends enjoying wine outdoors


There’s always something to do in the Woodlands! Every season, the Woodlands Social Committee schedules events to bring neighbors together to get to know each other and relax, like wine tasting. Jump in the deep-end of an Olympic sized-swimming pool, watch your kids climb around the park and play volleyball all in your own neighborhood. There’s also a clubhouse with a stone stack fireplace and full kitchen for family reunions and special events.

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Eagle Watch

Eagle Watch is a great place to move if you have kids. Watch parades and join in seasonal activities for great memories. There’s also a community garage sales if you want to find a few deals while supporting your neighbors. If you’re into golf, join the Eagle Watch Golf Club and make friends with your neighbors while you work on that hole-in-one.  

Woman playing tennis


With pools to splash around in and tennis courts to test your skills, Brookshire is a great neighborhood for people who like to be active. Enroll your kids in community basketball sessions where they can make friends with other neighborhood children. Best of all, enjoy no-cook nights when a food truck rolls through the neighborhood with tasty cuisine hot and ready to go!

Weather in Woodstock

It stays warmest in Woodstock for almost four months, from May to September, with the hottest day landing in July. The coldest day falls in January, with an average low of 17°F and high of 32°F. If you prefer to feel warm most of the year, Woodstock is perfect for you.

Schools in Woodstock

If you choose to send your children to public school, they’ll be part of the Cherokee County School District. There are 23 elementary schools, 7 middle schools and 6 high schools, as well as 5 preschools and centers.

There are also multiple private and religious schools parents can choose from as well. The Kennesaw State University is located within 20 miles of Woodstock and there are several private colleges as well—such as Franklin University, The Art Institute of Atlanta and Reinhardt University.

Woodstock Employment

About 88% of employed people in Woodstock work white-collar jobs. Almost 12% are self-employed, with 76% of companies being private. The average time it takes for Woodstock residents to travel to work is 38 minutes.

Woodstock is a beautiful place to raise a family or move to for a new adventure in life. If you’re planning on a local move to Woodstock or need to store your belongings long-term, call us today to find out more at 1-844-888-STOR or request a free quote.