Did you know that only 31% of projects in the construction industry come within 10% of the original budget? Avoid extra project expenses and unsatisfied clients by using commercial storage units from Storsquare on your next job site.

Commercial storage needs differ greatly from residential storage needs, which is why Storsquare offers a variety of commercial storage units for your business needs. Some benefits of using jobsite storage container rentals on your next jobsite includes:

Safety and Accessibility

commercial storage units from Storsquare

Our steel framed storage containers are safe for use on construction sites and other commercial jobs. Storing your commercial storage units on-site means that you have easy access to jobsite tools and materials, while still staying organized.

Storsquare is also able to relocate full jobsite storage container rentals from site to site, unlike our competitors who can’t relocate your commercial storage units once they are full.


Jobsite storage container rentals can be used as a short-term or long-term solution for your next project, depending on your needs. Storsquare offers portable storage units at a variety of sizes and price points that will fit any project need and budget. Storsquare can also work with you to develop a custom package for your business that fits your project needs.

Easy to Budget

Our portable storage containers come with clear, consistent pricing that makes it easy to budget expenses and storage costs for your next project. Unlike our franchised competitors whose prices and services vary by zip code, our local operation offers dependable service and steady pricing.

Avoid Unexpected Project Expenses

Jobsite storage container rentals are the perfect solution to ensure the safety and protection of expensive equipment, tools and more on your jobsite. Our commercial storage units come with a latch system to keep out moisture and pests and can be locked easily to protect against theft.

Our no-tilt technology makes sure your materials stay secure and can be moved from jobsite to jobsite without disarray or damage.

jobsite storage container rentals | Storsquare

Our portable storage containers can also be placed in climate-controlled storage if needed to ensure your clients’ satisfaction. Make sure your client’s furniture and belongings stay as new & fresh as they day they were stored to for maximum satisfaction.

Plus, our local customer service team is always ready to address concerns in a timely manner, making sure that you stay on track with your next project.

Learn more about jobsite storage container rentals and other custom commercial storage solutions offered by Storsquare here. Contact us for a free quote today.