Yes it can!

At STORsquare we rent and sell a variety of moving supplies that can be viewed at https://storsquare.com/additional-moving-supplies. Blankets, straps, dollies, etc. are often the most inquired after items on our list. As a frequent mover, an occasional neat freak, and a founding member of the STORsquare team, I would propose that the lowly mattress bag is the single greatest moving supply. I may be crazy but hear me out. Moving and storage is all about relocating and maintaining your items as safely, conveniently, and cost effectively as possible. The mattress bag ticks all the boxes. Here is how:

Mattress Bags Protect Mattresses

I expect a few eye rolls from reading the above statement, but it is true. Most mattresses have a soft cloth finish that is a dust and scuff magnet during the moving process. The mattress bag puts a small plastic barrier between all that would come to mar that beautiful exterior. I have personally dropped a mattress down a flight of stairs, scuffed a mattress on the ceiling of an apartment building, and had to move a mattress in pouring rain. All three of these situations would have had better outcomes, if I had invested in a mattress bag.

Mattress Bags are Cheap

We sell mattress bags for $4. The average mattress purchased in the US in the last year was well over $1000 -$1500. Consider the mattress bag an insurance policy that costs less than 0.4% of your investment – Not bad! A simple sheet of plastic can really make a difference while loading, unloading, and storing your mattress. The cost-benefit analysis of a mattress bag is the easiest math problem you will have done since elementary school.

You Spend 1/3 of Your Life on Your Mattress

Mattresses can harbor bacteria, pests, moisture, smells, skin cells, etc. That is one of the reasons why the Sleep Foundation recommends we replace our mattresses every 6-8 years. If you just bought a new mattress; however, it is definitely not a purchase you want to make unnecessarily because of a storage or moving issue. Protect you and your family’s health by protecting your mattress.

I am being a tad dramatic with my undying support of the mattress bag. That being said, it truly is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to ensure your move is a pleasant one. Give STORsquare a call at 844-888-7867 to talk with me or one of our team members about renting a portable storage container. Make sure to ask for a mattress bag should you be using our containers to store a mattress. We do everything we can to keep your contents safe and secure, and so should you!

Thank you,

Jacob at STORsquare