The latest addition to the STORsquare webpage family

STORsquare is pleased to share with our friends, clients, fans, and family the official launch of our latest webpage https://storsquare.com/additional-moving-supplies/ . The page highlights the available products STORquare has to offer to help facilitate a positive moving and storage experience while renting our portable storage containers. These items only cost a few dollars but can greatly improve the ease of use and security of storing your items with us.

Ease of Use

The portable units are delivered directly to your driveway and are placed at ground level for easy loading. While we feel our containers are already quite easy to use, there is always room for improvement. To make the loading process even easier, STORsquare offers ramps, dollys, and hand trucks.


Large or small ramps are now available to rent for even easier loading of the container. If you are planning on using a pallet jack, wheelbarrow, or anything on wheels to load the container, a ramp can make all the difference.

Appliance Dolly

An appliance dolly is purpose built for easily moving washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other oversized boxy household items. They are worth their weight in gold when you have been working all day to load your storage unit and the chest freezer is the last item that you must load.

Hand Truck

Not quite as large or purpose-built as an appliance dolly, the hand truck is more universal and easier to use when moving assorted boxes and items. When moving a large quantity of medium to large moving boxes, nothing can beat a good hand truck.


It only takes a few small pieces of steel, plastic, and fabric to greatly increase the overall security of our storage units.


A disc lock is the ideal method for securing your container after loading. The disc lock features a sheathed shackle, meaning it is nearly impossible to fit bolt cutters around them. They are the preferred style of lock for most any storage unit or container application.

Tie Downs

The inside of our containers features D-rings located every four feet at shin and shoulder height. While most any rope, string, twine, or bungee is compatible, a ratchet strap is often the most convenient and secure method for securing items to the walls of the container as you load. Using the ratchet straps and tie downs as your load the storage unit prevents items from shifting or falling during transportation.

Moving Blankets

Just like tie downs, moving blankets are one of the most important things you can do to ensure your items come out of storage in the same condition they went into storage. We recommend you have a blanket for every wooden, glass, or fabric item of furniture you plan on storing. Please note that headboards, dining tables, and other large pieces may require more than one blanket for adequate coverage.

Mattress Bag

Mattresses are expensive and tend to get scuffed, dirty, or pick up odors during storage. Our personal favorite here at the STORsquare offices, the mattress bag is one of the simplest yet most genius products available to those moving and storing. It is simply an oversized plastic bag that covers your mattress during transportation. You should definitely get one.