The list of ways a SQUARE would come in handy is endless. Let’s talk about some commercial storage ideas. Ready?

Whether housing seasonal inventory, storing job supplies on a construction site or serving as temporary home for displaced items in mold or water remediation job.

The commercial industry has many uses for storage.

STORsquare prides itself on offering storage solutions for any type of business. Contact us to discuss your storage needs so we can help create a custom solution and package to fit your specific needs. STORsquare can move a FULL container from site to site, eliminating the need to empty a container before moving on to a new site.

Not ready to invest in new or expanded warehouse space?

Rent a few 20’ SQUARES to alleviate your storage crunch.  Unlike our competitors we offer different size containers for your specific needs and can fit our SQUARES in tight or difficult locations due to our flexible delivery process. Because STORsquare is a locally owned and operated company we can work with you to meet your needs within your budget.

Price compare us and see why companies all over Atlanta are getting all SQUARED away with a great storage solution… for a great price!