Housing Trends Influence Moving and Storage

The current Atlanta real estate market is quite interesting. According to online brokerage Redfin.com, homes spend an average of a mere 22 days on the market before sale. Home prices are up 9.8% from this time last year. Perhaps most striking, the Atlanta Realtors Association calculates there are only 1.2 months’ worth of inventory for sale in metro Atlanta. Homes are selling for more money both causing and because of the limited supply. What this often means for STORsquare’s clients is that they quickly sell their home, but often have a hard time finding a new place. This situation can be tricky, but a portable storage container from STORsquare is the perfect tool.

A 20′ storage unit being unloaded into a Roswell, GA townhome

Your Home Sells Faster Than You Expected…

With such little inventory, many homes are selling at record speeds with multiple qualified offers almost immediately after listing. This is a wonderful problem to have, especially for those who remember 2009 and how painful the reverse of the problem can be. It can still present a problem, however. A quick sale can leave the seller temporarily homeless and in need of intermediate housing and storage.  Our SQUAREs are perfect for handling the storage piece of the puzzle: we can quickly deliver a container to store your contents. Once loaded, we can pickup that full container and store it at our location and the sale can be completed. The seller can search for new housing at their own pace knowing their contents are safe and secure. Since the units are rented month-to-month, the search can last for a few days or a few months all at the same low monthly rate.

A 16′ unit being loaded in Marietta, GA

Your Dream Home Isn’t on The Market Right Now…

Many of our clients are struggling to find the right house for their family right now. With prices rising, finding the right house for the right price is becoming increasingly difficult. Instead of purchasing a home that is a poor fit, many of our clients are renting space until they find their dream home. Rentals are often either furnished or a significantly smaller footprint which leads to the need for storage. A STORsquare portable storage unit can store everything that does not fit inside the rental. The contents are again dry, safe, and secure until they are ready to be redelivered to the new permanent address once ready.

You Plan to Build But Material Prices Skyrocket…

If our clients can not find an existing home on the market, some of them choose to go with new construction. There are many benefits to new construction, but timing the completion of a new construction project can be tricky. With the recent material shortages and price surges, many new developments have experienced delays. When these delays occur, it can place the buyer of the home in a sticky situation. They may be required to vacate their current living space prior to the new home receiving its Certificate of Occupancy preventing them from moving in. Once again, STORsquare mobile storage containers are perfect for the job.

A 16′ SQUARE being dropped at new construction development in Canton, GA

The market is always trending…

The one guarantee in the housing market, is that there is always trend. It may be pricing going up or down. It could be inventory swings or interest rate changes driving different behaviors. No matter what the current trend is, people need places to live. This means homes will be bought and sold, rentals will be leased and vacated, and STORsquare will be there for the moving and storing of household items whenever our clients call upon us. We hope you will give us a call at 844-888-STOR to discuss container sizes, delivery flexibility, and competitive pricing for your next move regardless of the next housing trend.