The best reason to use a STORsquare container for your relocation is to help you navigate uncertainty during a home move. A great Real Estate agent should be the first step you take to ensure the process goes well. A good agent can be your advocate and expert, a bad agent can cost you time and money. Once you have a great agent, choose a great moving company. STORsquare is a great choice for any home move, but we especially shine for the reasons listed below.

Roswell is beautiful this time of year, even in all the uncertainty of moving.

Show Your Home Clean and Spacious

There are numerous studies out that demonstrate a clean, sparsely furnished home can show and sell better than a cluttered, dirty one. It can even measurably impact the price point. To help facilitate a great showing, a great real estate agent may recommend you place certain personal effects and items in a storage container.

The container is safe and secure to protect the contents from the elements and doesn’t take up space in the garage or basement. The contents are out of the way for showings allowing the prospective buyer to better picture their own items inside the space. Lastly, the container can be directly relocated to the new home after the sale.

A Closing Gets Rescheduled

Even seemingly simple deals can run into last minute hang-ups that prevent the closing from proceeding as originally scheduled. Inspections identify issues that were not initially disclosed or known, contingency items do not happen in time, or documentation isn’t completed ahead of time. Again, a good agent can help navigate most of these pitfalls, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

A rescheduled closing can be a huge financial and personal headache if the contents of the home are already or partially loaded into a rental moving van or in the possession of a moving company. The rental vans have daily, sometimes hourly rates that continue ticking adding unbudgeted costs to the move. Many moving companies either have no storage options available or charge exorbitant rates since they know their clients have few other options.

Portable storage really shines in this situation. There are never any rescheduling or cancellation fees with STORsquare. The containers are rented by the month, so a several day delay often has zero additional costs. The storage container simply sits safe and dry at your current address until the closing is successfully completed and it can be relocated to the new home. The headache of a rescheduled closing may not be avoidable, but it doesn’t need to explode your moving budget.

One Deal Closes, the Other Deal Does Not

Depending on the situation, you may sell your current home without having a new home identified or it is not yet live-in ready. When the old home is closed and ownership is transferred, the contents of the home must go somewhere. If the new home isn’t ready, that means storage. Portable storage makes this a breeze, since the containers can be stored inside our warehouse for as long as needed. As opposed to using a self-storage facility, portable storage prevents the contents from being double handled reducing the chance of damaged items.

We have tons of clients at STORsquare who use our portable storage containers when they are purchasing new construction or building a new home. Construction delays are a fact of life not unlike death and taxes. Since STORsquare does not have minimum or maximum contract length requirements, there are no penalties or fees if a move-in date is postponed.

STORsquare Container in from of Under Contract Sign
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There are a bunch of great reasons to move using a STORsquare portable storage container. We feel strongly about the value we create for our clients moving and storing. If you need more convincing, take a look at our homepage at https://www.storsquare.com/compare, read our other blog posts, or listen to Stephen talk about the benefits on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/STORsquare/.