You or your spouse received a new job offer! How exciting… except that means another move. Yikes.

It’s time for your child to leave the nest and go off to college. What will you do will all the stuff they’ve collected for the last 18 years.

Military families are used to moving frequently, but there’ still so much to be done.

The stress sets in just thinking about the boxes and the packing and the moving. Leave those worries behind because no matter what situation you are in, STORsquare is here to make your residential move easy and stress free.

Here are STORsquare top 10 tips on stress-free moving. Also if you want to start planning your move in advance, here’s a great moving checklist by Real Simple.

  • Tip 1: Declutter and destress. Moving is a great time to get organized. Let go of the items that no longer serve you for a fresh, clutter-free start. Make three piles – one to keep, one to donate, and one to trash. Now, let the decluttering begin.
  • Tip 2: Need to get rid of large furniture? If it doesn’t make sense to move large, bulky furniture, consider donating it. Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta will even come pick up the old furniture for you (if eligible).
  • Tip 3: Plan of attack. Are you going to move yourself or hire a moving company? Do you need to ask friends to help you move large furniture?
  • Tip 4: Get your boxes ready. Remember to get more boxes than you think you need. You can always donate to someone else later. Also, get a variety of box shapes and sizes.
  • Tip 5: Create a packing kit. Put together a kit that includes permanent markers for labeling, newspaper or peanuts for packing, and of course tape for sealing.
  • Tip 6: Start an inventory. To help stay organized and focused, create a list of what items are in each box and what are of the house they belong in. When it’s time to unpack, you’ll be happy you took the time to stay organized.
  • Tip 7: Stay focused while packing the boxes. Put on some music and try to focus at the task at hand. It’s easy to go now memory lane while looking through belongings, but stay focused for success.
  • Tip 8: If you are hiring movers, be prepared for them. Do everything they’ve asked you to do ahead of time, so you’ll save time which also saves money.
  • Tip 9: Be prepared by turning on all of your new services at the new location. And off the services at the old location. Call the power company, gas company, water company, cable company, etc. to make sure everything is ready for your arrival.
  • Tip 10: Start early on moving day. Wake up early on moving day, so you’ll have plenty of light and time to accomplish the move.

STORsquare is happy to help store your items for as long as you need, or move your SQUARE directly to the new location, so you can unpack as you go. If you are ready to move into your SQUARE, fill out the contact form on the right.