STORsquare comparison to U-HAUL

How STORsquare compares:

People often think U-Haul is the only option for completing a DIY move. But did you know renting a SQUARE and letting us do the moving for you can be cheaper - and certainly easier! 

Think about this:

  • Driving a box truck is not fun: let our professionals pick up and move your SQUARE.
  • Gas is expensive: our delivery fee includes the price of fuel. 
  • The truck is hard to load: our SQUARES are nearly floor-level so there is no steep ramp to navigate. 
  • Have a personal vehicle you need to relocate as well: Don't pay Uhaul even more for a car trailer. You take your car, we take your belongings
  • New apartment not ready? Haven't closed on your new house yet? We can store your SQUARE until you and your new home are ready.
  • Crunched for time? Take all weekend, all week, all month if you need it - all for the same price.

Flexible delivery:

We know that our customers are busy. That's why we offer flexible delivery options. We allow you to pick the date and time of day you want your delivery to occur. U-Haul® requires you to pick up and drop off your rental truck at set locations and times. If you return your U-Haul® late, there are additional fees.  We will do our best to accommodate the delivery and pick up times that works best for you. Because you rent a SQUARE on a monthly basis, there is no rush to return it. Take your time with your move, and when you are ready, just let us know. Need a pickup or delivery after hours? We can do that too. 

In order for renting a box truck to be a cost-effective solution compared to STORsquare, you would have to pickup the rental truck, load the truck, travel to your new destination, unload the truck, and return the truck to a drop-off location ALL WITHIN THE SAME BUSINESS DAY. It is no wonder that moving has become associated with stress and headaches. 

When moving with a SQUARE, you can take your time to load all your belongings carefully and at your own pace. Once you are ready, we can pick up the container and take it directly to your new home OR we can store it until your new location is ready. With a rental truck, you have no flexibility when unplanned events delay your ability to move in or out.

The below chart compares the costs of a move using a 20' box truck compared to our 16' SQUARE. 

STORsquare Pricing