The first step in the process is getting your STORsquare storage SQUARE delivered to your location when and where you need it.

Receive your free quote via our website and finalize your booking with one our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents. Delivery and pickup services are offered anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a delivery and moving service worked to accommodate your schedule instead of the other way around? At STORsquare, we work with each and every one of our customers to find the most suitable delivery date and time.

We also take the extra step to understand any special requirements you may require in a portable storage container, as well as your use case. Our expertise may offer new perspectives on your storage or moving needs and help us find the best size storage container, rate, and drop-off for your situation.

Need multiple deliveries and pickups? No problem. We work with you to make sure you feel you are getting the best rates on portable storage for your move or project. The primary goal is to make your life easier—we know how much stress can come with moving, remodeling, or rehabilitating your home or office.

Your SQUARE will be delivered by one of our experienced and helpful drivers who will work with you to determine the best placement options available on your premises.

Our portable storage SQUARES sit flat on the ground, so you can easily and safely move items in and out of the unit. If you’ve ever tried to move a large couch or other piece of unwieldy furniture up a tilted moving truck ramp, you understand what a huge difference a flat load-in can make.

No more risking your safety trying to push a heavy item up a ramp with a dolly while hoping it doesn’t fall back on you. That’s just a hassle that no one needs.

Our experienced drivers also know how to find the best SQUARE placement for ease of use. Each STORsquare container is clean and attractive, so you won’t mind the presence of our storage pod rental in your driveway. This is a huge upgrade from some of our competitors.

If you have any questions about selecting a portable storage container, or any questions regarding booking and delivery, give us a call at 1-844-888-STOR or fill out our contact form.

Often, our customers are building or buying a new house. What do you do if you have a time delay between when you have to move out of the old house and when you can move into your new home?

Well, you could rent a moving truck, move all of your stuff up a ramp onto the moving truck,drive the truck across town, and then move all of your stuff back off of the truck into a temporary storage unit. Only to, a few weeks or months later, rent another truck and return to the storage unit to repeat the process again. How many times do you want to move everything you own on and off a truck? And how much does that end up costing in money and time?

Or, you could call STORsquare. We deliver a container to your location at a time and date that works for you. You take as long as you need to fill up the portable storage container.  Your possessions are moved in and out only once reducing the risk of damage. And then you call use when you are ready and we pick it up.

It’s really that simple.