Step Three: Store

STORsquare offers state-of-the-art No-Tilt Lift technology

You choose how you want your SQUARE to be stored. 

At your location: You keep your SQUARE at your location for as long as you need it. With no storage or transportation fees, we can provide you a SQUARE at a low monthly rate.

At our warehouse: We store your SQUARE in our heated and air cooled, secure warehouse. Your SQUARE will be stored level, in a dry, protected location for as long as you need. The warehouse maintains an acceptable temperature range that ensures that your belongings aren’t exposed to extremes that may damage its contents.  

At our warehouse in the Temperature Controlled section: We can also store your SQUARE in our truly Temperature Controlled section of our warehouse.  Just like setting your thermostat at home, we keep this section of the warehouse at a set temperature year-around for the ultimate in protection for your belongings.