STORsquare offers state-of-the-art No-Tilt Lift technology

Let’s decide how you would like your SQUARE to be stored. Having multiple storage locations and methods allows us to accommodate a variety of storage needs, and that adds to the freedom of choice we work to provide for you.

We want to make it easy for you to access the items in your SQUARE whenever you need it. We also make it easy to move your portable storage unit wherever and whenever you need it. That way, your belongings can easily follow you wherever you go — no matter how often.

Often, our customers are selling a house and need to declutter some of their belongings in order to stage the home for a quicker and often higher-priced sell. Other times, the home sells more quickly than expected or before a new house is ready.

No matter what kind of timing your situation requires, we can make it happen. Flexibility and convenience are our main goals: we are here to make everything smoother for you. You have the following options for storing and maintaining the protection of your belongings…

At your location: You can choose to simply keep your SQUARE at your own location for as long as you need it. Without additional transportation and warehouse storage costs, this would be the most cost-effective option.Your possessions are onsite and always accessible without being in the way. And if you ever decide they are in your way, then we can store it…

At our warehouse: We can also store your SQUARE in our heated and air cooled, secure warehouse as needed. Your SQUARE will be stored level, in a dry, protected location for as long as you need it to stay there. Just like everything else involved in our moving and storage process, we leave the decision up to you in order to give you ultimate control over your experience.

We have invested in the right tools to make sure your container and its contents are safe while in our hands. Our warehouse security features gated entry, poured concrete walls, perimeter day/night surveillance cameras, motion and entry sensors, as well as 24/7 Alarm monitoring.

This option eliminates any worries you may have of anything happening to your things. The warehouse maintains an acceptable temperature range that ensures your belongings aren’t exposed to extremes that could damage its contents.While not fully climate controlled, the general warehouse space is well insulated from temperature swings. For many people, it provides peace of mind. For lots of customers this is valued highly, but it all depends on your particular storage needs.

At our warehouse in the Temperature Controlled section: Another great option is allowing us to store your SQUARE in our truly Temperature Controlled section of our warehouse.  Just like setting your thermostat at home, we keep this section of the warehouse at a set temperature year-round for the ultimate protection of your belongings.

Therefore, you will never have to worry about any damages to your furniture, artwork or memorabilia by the elements or anything else that may be outside of your control. This option isn’t for everyone, as it is not always necessary to keep your things temperature-controlled. It all depends on how you want your things stored.

We are always available to help you with your selection on storage.  We will happily accommodate you to the best of our ability and explain all options in as much detail as you need to make a comfortable decision. Contact us today for more information on storing with STORsquare and the different storing options available for you.