Take as long as you need to fill up your SQUARE.

The next step in the STORsquare process is to fill your container. After your SQUARE is delivered at a time and day that works for your schedule, you can start filling up your container.

The initial rental of the storage container covers use of the container for up to 30 days meaning, you can take as long as you need to fill the container with your personal items and belonging. This is perfect for people who don’t want to rush the moving process. It’s also great for the time between moves where you have to move all of your items out of the old location, but the new location is not quite ready for you to move in.

Another ideal usage of a SQUARE is when you are working on a remodel or rehab project and need an extra garage. Instead of using your real garage or extra bedroom which may cause regrets later, use a SQUARE to optimize your project and keep your home clutter free.

Not sure what size storage container you may need? To see what will fit in each container size please see our convenient sizing guideline, available for you just to make things even easier. We can also calculate the right size container for your needs based on the items you expect to store in the container.

Once your SQUARE is full, secure it with a lock. Our barn door style makes filling the storage container hassle free, and it also helps with security. The latch systems makes the container more secure keeping unwanted moisture, pests, and would-be thieves out.

If you don’t already have a lock, not to worry—we can provide this as well. You simply need to indicate your need for a container lock on when speaking with your customer service representative. We will make sure to deliver one with your SQUARE. That way, when the moving container arrives to your location, you’ll already have everything you need to get going. Our driver will also show you how to use the lock and explain the secure door system.

After that, you have two choices. You can either choose to leave your SQUARE at your location, or you can arrange for a pickup for your SQUARE to be taken to our warehouse for convenient and secure storage