From bad weather to careless transportation—keep your things safe and sound

Whether you’re packing boxes in the middle of a hectic move or just want to keep valuable belongings safe from the elements, a convenient, reliable moving storage container makes all the difference. When it comes to keeping your belongings safe from damage—from moisture to jostling around—some moving storage containers are more reliable than others. 

A few things to consider are the type of doors your moving storage container has, whether you can tie down your belongings inside of it and whether it’s properly ventilated.   

1. Barn doors—not roll-up 

A roll-up storage container door literally rolls up into a cylinder at the top of the storage container. Whereas barn doors open out like a regular door on a house (or of course, a barn!).  

To roll up, roll-up doors require some clearance at the top of the storage container. Problems occur when roll-up doors get blocked and cannot open properly because contents inside shifted during transportation. This sometimes results in a service call to a rolling door specialist—and all the accompanying costs. 

On the other hand, storage containers with barn doors have less complicated mechanisms, so they’re more reliable. And when you’re in the middle of a busy move, a convenient, reliable moving storage container can make the move so much smoother.   

Click here to get more details on the pros and cons of roll-up and barn doors. 

2. Tie-down system   

No matter how careful and cautious you are when moving your storage container, your belongings inside can still shift. To keep your things as safe as possible, our moving storage containers have D-rings installed every four feet across the length. Each D-ring is at shin and shoulder height. They’re perfect for bungee cords, rachet straps and nylon rope. D-rings means whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you can rest assured your belongings are securely attached to the sides of your moving storage container. 

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3. Vented and weatherproof 

Whether rain is pouring, humidity is rising, ice is forming or sun is shining—your moving storage container should protect your belongings against all weather. This includes holding up even during severe temperature swings. If a steel storage container is sealed up tight without proper ventilation, it can sweat on the inside, ruining your belongings.  

STORsquare moving shipping containers are vented to where they keep the weather out while allowing just enough airflow to prevent sweating. Always check to make sure your storage provider provides good vented shipping containers, so you don’t have a shocking surprise when you open your container.  

Make your move smooth and easy 

You have enough on your plate when you’re packing up countless belongings and trying to adjust to a new home. With proper design features that help keep your belongings safe, STORsquare’s  moving storage containers are one less thing for you to worry about.  

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