3 moving storage container design features that protect your belongings

 From bad weather to careless transportation—keep your things safe and sound Whether you’re packing boxes in the middle of a hectic move or just want to keep valuable belongings safe from the elements, a convenient, reliable moving storage container makes all the difference. When it comes to keeping your belongings safe from damage—from moisture to jostling around—some moving storage containers are more reliable than others.  A few things to […]

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The Story of a Stolen Truck
atlanta moving containers

In January of this year, our newest delivery vehicle was stolen before we ever had the chance to deliver a single container with it. The truck represented a significant financial investment into the growth and future of STORsquare Atlanta. It also represented an employment opportunity for a full-time delivery driver and continued employment ad success for our small but mighty support staff. Losing the truck was heartbreaking for our team as it was only our 3rd delivery vehicle. Losing 33% of our fleet hurt our ability to deliver and relocate containers with short notice and made scheduling maintenance on our remaining trucks quite difficult without impacting our customers.

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