3 moving storage container design features that protect your belongings

 From bad weather to careless transportation—keep your things safe and sound Whether you’re packing boxes in the middle of a hectic move or just want to keep valuable belongings safe from the elements, a convenient, reliable moving storage container makes all the difference. When it comes to keeping your belongings safe from damage—from moisture to jostling around—some moving storage containers are more reliable than others.  A few things to […]

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Ditch the cardboard, keep your sanity: Alternative Christmas tree storage ideas
Dog and tree beside storage unit

The right storage option based on your needs will ensure your tree lasts as long as you want it to while still keeping your sanity. The truth is, a Christmas tree can take up a lot of space. But it doesn’t have to! Instead, you can safely store your tree without any fuss by using one of the storage methods we’ve listed below.|

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To DIY or Not To DIY, that is the Question

The Do-It-Yourself movement is more alive and approachable than ever before. Pinterest, YouTube, and the internet as a whole have provided an abundance of resources for the at-home craftsperson. Home improvement even has an entire television network dedicated to the practice. There is significant satisfaction and enjoyment to be gained by completed a home improvement task without the involvement of a professional. There is also significant value and cost savings. DIY projects can be as simple as painting an accent wall to as complicated as full-scale renovations. No matter big or small, there are also some risks to DIY that should be considered. We will take a look at what to think about when considering a DIY home renovation.

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Can a Mattress Bag Make or Break Your Move?
Mattress Bag

t STORsquare we rent and sell a variety of moving supplies that can be viewed at https://storsquare.com/additional-moving-supplies. Blankets, straps, dollies, etc. are often the most inquired after items on our list. As a frequent mover, an occasional neat freak, and a founding member of the STORsquare team, I would propose that the lowly mattress bag is the single greatest moving supply. I may be crazy but hear me out. Moving and storage is all about relocating and maintaining your items as safely, conveniently, and cost effectively as possible. The mattress bag ticks all the boxes. Here is how:

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The Story of a Stolen Truck
atlanta moving containers

In January of this year, our newest delivery vehicle was stolen before we ever had the chance to deliver a single container with it. The truck represented a significant financial investment into the growth and future of STORsquare Atlanta. It also represented an employment opportunity for a full-time delivery driver and continued employment ad success for our small but mighty support staff. Losing the truck was heartbreaking for our team as it was only our 3rd delivery vehicle. Losing 33% of our fleet hurt our ability to deliver and relocate containers with short notice and made scheduling maintenance on our remaining trucks quite difficult without impacting our customers.

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Moving Supplies.
appliance dolly and strap

STORsquare is pleased to share with our friends, clients, fans, and family the official launch of our latest webpage https://storsquare.com/additional-moving-supplies/ . The page highlights the available products STORquare has to offer to help facilitate a positive moving and storage experience while renting our portable storage containers. These items only cost a few dollars but can greatly improve the ease of use and security of storing your items with us.

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Real Estate Trends and Portable Storage
16' Storage Container at Customer Home

The one guarantee in the housing market, is that there is always trend. It may be pricing going up or down. It could be inventory swings or interest rate changes driving different behaviors. No matter what the current trend is, people need places to live. This means homes will be bought and sold, rentals will be leased and vacated, and STORsquare will be there for the moving and storing of household items whenever our clients call upon us. We hope you will give us a call at 844-888-STOR to discuss container sizes, delivery flexibility, and competitive pricing for your next move regardless of the next housing trend.

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The wait is over…
Units Arriving at STORsquare

We are happy to announce that we have increased the number of containers in our fleet this week, as a new shipment of units just arrived from the manufacturer. There were both 16’ and 20’ portable storage containers on this shipment. We are actively working to assemble the newest units. Once assembled, they will be immediately available for rent in Atlanta and North Georgia.

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Ramping Up Our Service
storsquare ramps

We are ‘ramping’ up our service here at STORsquare! We recently added ramps to our offerings at STORsquare. Our aim is to increase the ease of use and loading for our clients any way we can. While a 6” step into the container is not much, it certainly can add a lot of work when rolling a hand truck or dolly back and forth repeatedly. We are pleased to offer two different kinds of ramps now available for rent with your container: standard (yellow) and large (black).

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